Discovery of the QacQoc GN28A USB Type-C Hub for Apple MacBook Pro

If you own a latest generation MacBook Pro, I mean by that in its 13th or 15th version released from 2016 and you are looking to extend my capacity to it, I have what you need!

Indeed thanks to our partner EgoIggo, we will make you discover through this article a QacQoc GN28A multi-function USB Type-C HUB.

Testing the QacQoc GN28A multifunctional Type-C Hub

General Features

9.6 x 29 x 8 mm

Weight of 23 grams

2 male USB-C ports

2 Female USB-C ports

2 USB 3.1 ports

1 SD Card Reader

1 micro-SD card reader

Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro version 2016 version 13 and 15


First of all it is good to know that QacQoc is a professional USB accessory manufacturer which is considered one of the leading manufacturers specialized in the field of USB accessories.

QacQoc just unveiled a few weeks ago a new USB type C Hub  the GN28A which is exclusively designed for MacBook Pro 2016.

I would stress that only the two 13 “and 15” models are compatible, allowing you to add multiple connectivity options by connecting to the two USB-C ports on your MacBook Pro.

When unpacking you will find in the box the following items:

The USB C Hub

A Multilingual User manual but which I think is useless view the ease of use

A small pouch of brown leather storage which is really very valuable

The finish of the product is excellent, we find a brushed aluminum surface that is the image of Apple products and especially assorted colors that are silver and gray.

This hub is also happening everywhere because very compact and lightweight, it does not measure less than 10 centimeters cm long for 3 cm wide and 0.8 cm in height if I may say so.

Weight side you have to count less than 25 grams that is really not much.

To operate you simply need to insert the GN28A in the two USB-C port of your MacBook Pro and you will have to dispose:

2 USB-C port including SuperSpeed at speeds up to 40 Gbps

1 Micro SD port and 1 SD port (supporting SD/SDHC/SDXC/SD 3.0 UHS-1 cards up to 2 TB)

2 USB 3.0 ports (allowing to connect USB key, hard drive, phone … with transfer speed up to 5 Gbps).

We can see right away that we have quality because the Hub is positioned in the millimeter near the MacBook Pro and is an integral part of the Apple landscape. Online Shopping Tips Camping Info Blogs

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