Comics 101 – What is the Golden Age of Comic Books?


The Golden Age of comic starts in June 1938. There’d been experience comic books released before this aspect (Detective Comics pre dates Action through a calendar year, but Batman wouldn’t normally appear before 1939) golden hero hearhstone . Nonetheless, these personalities had much more in accordance with their own pulp magazine counter parts than they did on the super heroes who’d followalong with By way of instance, Doc Savage was clarified as coming to the summit of human perfection, but still invisibly inside the world

human potential, while Superman’s abilities had been certainly super human.

Superman’s (and then Batman’s) instantaneous popularity led publishers to establish a tide of superheroes, or “mystery men” because they were predicted at the 30s and 40s, in their own readers. But possibly the very widely used character of most was not a fanatic. He was not actually individual. He had been Scrooge McDuck.

Super hero and experience comics at this time comprised basic characterization and power visions, together with the personalities frequently combating Nazi dangers.

Additionally they displayed some incredibly racist pictures and characterizations, similar to a number of different styles of press at the moment, since the pay to Detective Comics Number1 exemplifies.

However, by the early 50s, comic novels were begun to evolve thematically. Super heroes were in route outside, to be substituted with crime and horror comics popularized by EC Comics. Just Superman, Batman and a small number of the others were still being released by the mid-50s. Frederick Wertham’s publication, Seduction of the Innocent, also a scathing indictment of comic novels generally and EC Comics specifically of these corruption of kids, eventually caused the production of the Comics Code Authority, that banned EC Comics from releasing whatever they’d.

Western and War comics stayed popular through this moment, however it was only in October 1956, once the allnew Flash seemed at Showcase no4 which the Golden Age of comic books stopped and also the Silver Age began.


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